Taking Your Business Online

Today the world has become a smaller place because of the internet. Internet has started playing a huge role in the world of business too. As a result, most companies maintain an online presence in order to broaden their customer base and to show the world what they do. If you have still not stepped into the online realm of business, this article may be of some value to you.

Where to Start?

For a person who is not very in touch with IT services, the world of internet can seem a little daunting at first. But once you get to know it, you will appreciate the plethora of opportunities that it opens up for your business. The first step in taking your business online would be to start a website for the business. If you have no idea how to create one, get one created for you. Keep the website simple and concise to start with. You do not want to turn away your customers with disturbing promotional banners or any other forms of irrelevant information. Instead stick to topic such as a brief about your business, the services you offer and any recommendations from other customers. Do not forget to include how you can be contacted. If you wish your customers to purchase your product through your website, speak to your website developer and include this function also in your website.

Get People to Look at Your Website

Now that you have a website, how would you get people to visit it? Of course you can inform your clients and friends. But in order to attract potential customers to your website, you may need the IT services in Dubai of an external vendor. There are many IT vendors out there who specialize in online marketing and search engine optimization. These tools will help attract potential customers to your website and through the website to your business. Recommended reading this article to gain information about other vendor search.

Maintaining Your Online Presence

Keeping your website visible to Google and interesting for your customers takes a significant amount of work. If your website isn’t updated routinely, your search engine ranks will go down and your website will be boring for your customers. Having the same brief about your company that you had five years ago is not the best approach when it comes to maintaining an online presence. At least once a week, take an hour or two to fine-tune your website. Read the content and see if it is in par with what you do currently. If not, speak to your IT vendor about changing the website content. If your customers have left you messages through your website, be courteous enough to get back to them, regardless of the type of customer. All in all, make sure that you give enough reasons for your customers to keep coming back to your website. The only difference is that you will be doing most of the functions that you used to do, through the internet as opposed to over the phone or face to face.

How To Identify Fake Perfumes?

There are fake brands out there and they are getting better and better at faking it. It is very difficult nowadays to differentiate between the original and fakes ones. There are many online sellers good for brands that are not very famous and identified. Fragrance reviewers and perfume addicts are worried about the amount of adulteration growing on an everyday basis in this industry. It is a daunting task to buy good cologne. With the kind of advertisement money that goes into the industry and the ripple effect created on the consumers, everyone will be taken from a ride. We all make mistakes and end up pulling the trigger as soon as we look at majestic advertisements nowadays and yet it has become difficult to spot an original perfume from a fake and cheap rip off. The best thing one can do is to purchase them from niche brand websites. This way, they can be sure of the authenticity of the perfume. Obscure stuff, niches, discontinued stuff, designers, customized colognes and top designer colognes are all available in the market and so are their cheap fake counterparts and duplicates.

Not a Fragrance Expert? No Worries!

If you don’t know much about perfumes and are naive and inexperienced about fragrances, the best thing would be to purchase or buy perfumes online in UAE or from retail outlets. This may end up in costing a little more and burn your pockets as well. But at least this may not offer you a cheap product. You will be the proud owner of branded cologne! At least you know that it is 100 % legit. So many times, when we are collecting and we want to get into the designer collections and niche brands of perfumes, we end up ending up in confusing and questionable circumstances due to the startling similarities between the original and fake one. Sometimes, people even with good experience find it difficult to differentiate between original nod duplicate colognes.

Essential Tools to ensure that we are not conned:

Reviews are a tool that will ensure that you are not cheated. Even if you think you are a “Fragrance” expert, do not forget to read the reviews left by the existing or old customers. Fortunately, the testimonials and reviews are there in almost all major websites that allow users to buy perfumes online. The reviews give us tons of insight into what exactly we can expect from a particular brand. There are many people out there who are looking to buy a non-alcoholic brand. They end up purchasing organic and ayurvedic deodorants and perfumes that have no after effects like swelling of the skin pores and inflammation. Even many attars and wood oil based perfumes from reputed companies are known to irritate the skin. Thus reviews are an essential tool one must always utilize while purchasing deodorants online.

Globalisation- Translation Is The Essential Key

In this era of globalisation where we need to communicate with the people of different parts of world, the services of translation play a very important role. This is because people of different parts of world speak different languages of their native places. If we talk from the business perspectives, then various companies have to maintain their professional relations with the other companies in various parts of world so as to gain profits and accomplish the business motives. Thus in order to have smooth communication, various documents and materials are to be interpreted in different languages. There are many people who opt for the online tools or download the software for performing the translation. But if you are willing to have accurate and precise conversion, then it can never be achieved from the software. For this a human having specialisation in the targeted language will prove beneficial for you. Recommended reading this article for more information about translation company that offers comprehensive, customized language services that are tailored to their industry-specific needs.

Why you need to hire the professionals for translation services?

1) If you compare the translation by software and humans, then you must know if you opt for the software then it will convert merely the words in other language. But if humans perform the translation, then they will understand the context of the text and then convert it to the targeted language and the result will hold the same context which the original text had.

2) The services of conversion of the documents and texts, from the source language to the targeted language make use of the experts holding knowledge of the subject as well as the languages. This is necessary so as to understand the meaning and also implications of the provided text.

3) The professionals providing the Dubai translation services proofread the provided document so as to avoid the mistakes. This is essential because the document which is to be translated will have an impact over the clients and various other associates with whom you are dealing. An improper translation can ruin your impression and show inefficiency and unprofessional approach on your part.

4) There are various words and the phrases of some languages which do not have the appropriate equivalent in the other languages. In such cases, the professional understand the context of the text and use their experience and skills to convert them into a text having the same context. It is possible only with the human experts and not the software.

5) Many a times there are several technical terms which cannot be interpreted in the other languages. Thus a skilled professional translator can only come to your rescue that has complete knowledge of the subject and the related technical terms.

Thus chose the service properly considering its importance in the business perspectives.

Sights You Can’t Miss At Ferrari World

Ferrari world, located on Yas Island in the heart of Abu Dhabi is the largest indoor theme park which features a collection of attractions and rides which are catered carefully so that all members of the family can enjoy. This is also the first theme park introduced by Ferrari. Ferrari world offers facilities such as special parking, lockers, ATM’s, strollers for rent, smoking areas and prayer rooms. Tickets can be bought at the counter or online. There are shuttle services that provide transport to and fro Ferrari world to other areas around Yas islands major attractions.

Live Entertainment

Ferrari world offers a variety of live entertainment such as Viva Ferrari which showcases Ferrari behind the scenes. Being able to watch as a 3D animation comes alive and merges with multimedia and optical illusions. The Tyre Change Show is another sight to see while on your Abu Dhabi sightseeing tour with Ferrari world. This includes a comedic show put on by two mechanics whose lifelong dream was to be employed at Ferrari. Their antics will be sure to leave you in fits of laughter. Another form of live entertainment will be a theatrical spectacle called “RED” which is a live performance filled with dancing and acrobatics among many other dare devil sports such as BMX biking and Mega Wheels.


The rides are typically divided into three types, for kids, family and for the thrill. Most of these rides have a height or age restriction on them as a way of complying with the rules of the organization and of all international theme parks.

When going on your sightseeing tour with Ferrari world, you will also be able to check most of the rides if you receive approval of the height and for some rides even the age of the individual is taken into consideration.

Dining and Shopping Center

Make sure that you check out your options at the Ferrari world shopping and dining center. There are two shops namely Ferrari Store and Ferrari: Past and Present; one from which you can buy all Ferrari inspired memorabilia and another that showcases how far the brand has come in terms of design. There are also five restaurants from which customers can choose where to dine.

Among all the other attractions in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World theme park is one to look out for since its home to a variety of rides, attractions and other shopping and dining facilities. If you are planning to make a trip to Abu Dhabi, this will be one of the best places to go with the family and make a complete day of it.

Essential Camera Phone Features

First thing you should be considering before choosing a camera phone is that to see if it fits your budget. Once you get to know how much you can spend, you can work out which phones are available for you. But make sure you have the following three essential features.


Autofocus makes your camera focus on your subject well and correctly, and it’ll help you avoid blurred shots. No matter how many megapixels your smartphone has, your photos will look appalling if it doesn’t have autofocus. If you really trust your phone with your life’s fondest memories, you need to have a camera phone with autofocus. You’ll be surprised to see how many new mobile phones in the market today don’t have autofocus. So make sure yours does.

The Right Type of Flash

Since most photos are taken in low light conditions, you might also need your smartphone to come up with a good quality flash. This is where standard LED flashes won’t work well anymore as those flashes would throw less light than your screen. The best type of flash is none other than Xenon which produces much brighter light and helps your camera capture the best shots. If you want photos that can actually use, buy a smartphone camera with the right type of flash. Many quality mobile phones in Dubai come up with the standard LED flash which won’t meet your needs if you’re capturing the best moments in dark conditions, i.e. pubs and nightclubs.


If you’re looking for quality pictures, you should at least look for a camera phone with 5 megapixels. But if doesn’t have autofocus or a good flash, feel free to avoid it without having second thoughts. 8 megapixel cameras have become common and popular among consumers these days. If you want perfect pictures, you might even go for a 12 megapixel camera. But don’t obsess over the megapixel factor way too much as if the phone doesn’t come up with two other features mentioned here, megapixels are just a number. If you’re a photography enthusiast, there are even 16MP camera phones available in the market, e.g. Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6 while iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are considered to be having the best smartphone action cameras. For many people, the images taken with the front camera is also as important as those that are taken from the main back camera. This is where HTC Desire Eye comes to help. It comes up with a 13MP camera on both back and the front.

It’s true that smartphone cameras can’t still compete with compact cameras. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and are tired of carrying two separate devices, go for a compromise and pick a phone that is recommended for photography.

Redesign Your Garage

If you have not used your garage in a while and do not even know what you have in it, now is the time for you to start arranging it to suit your house. If you are busy working, you will not mind parking on the driveway but what is the use of a garage if it is locked up all the time? Get hold of a weekend and clean the garage and then follow these tips to help you to redesign it.


Check if there are changes to be done in the garage space. For example, if you have two cars now and there is only room for one car in the garage, you will have to think of adding more space. If you have a small garden, think of adding a gardening shed to the garage. List down the negative aspects of your garage and try to come up with solutions. When you do the fit out, make sure that you keep a perfect design in mind. If your kids have bicycles, make them use the garage as well. Make your garage a safe yet attractive place that your kids will love to spend time.

Accessories and cabinets 

If the garage equipments are organized, it will be really easy for you to work. Go online and check if there are inexpensive items. If you are planning to have a small workplace in the garage, the fit out and the cabinets will have to change. You will need a little more space to add a table and a chair. It is true that garages are known to be gloomy and boring but why not change this notion? Be creative and change your garage into a place where you would love to hang out.


When you list the items you need to purchase, it is better to have a budget compiled beforehand. Only buy the essential accessories. Try to buy equipment online because you can find good dealers and there will be good items for a lesser price when compared with local stores. Plan as to what you will do to the floor since there are many options such as carpeting, floor coating, etc. Choose the best option that will suit your budget.


The protection of your vehicles is a must so you will have to purchase a good security system as well. Get an alarm system so that you will be notified when a burglar tries to break in. A good security system will also ensure the safety of your family.

Go through these tips and properly start redesigning your garage. Final results will surprise you and make you wonder as to why you did not work on it until now.

Innovative Ideas To Décor Your Home

There is no shortcut when you are planning to design your home beautifully. People have a common tendency of taking shortcut ways to complete the work as soon as possible. But these tricks are not just wrong, but also costly. Therefore, you need to avoid them for getting a beautiful household.

Here are some of the most innovative ideas that will tell you how to make your house look more attractive with some less used things. You have never thought in this way, we bet. While going for designing your home you can hire a good company that offer interior designing. It will be a good idea just as to hire fit out companies in Dubai for your office. But you need to choose the suitable for one.

Choosing a good company of interior design in Dubai is not difficult. You need to perform those simple but necessary actions that you generally do before hiring any fit out companies to décor your office space. Check their reputation, make sure of their skills and find out the right price before hiring any company.

Ideas you can use while designing your home

1. Draw designs on a bulb: A single bulb or number of bulbs will look boring in a room. So spice it up with some personalized touch. Add some paper round the bulb and draw some stars over it. Now switch on the bulbs and your kids will be in love with the reflection.

2. Jute ropes are for rustic touch: For the windows in the rooms, use the jute ropes to add a rustic or antic touch. The curtains will be looking antic with the jute ropes. They even need no extra care to clean and they are easily available. You have no need to spend lots of money.

3. Side painted doors: Wooden door often lacks in colors. Their single colored door makes the room look dull. Therefore, paint the side of the doors with bright colors and the room will look creative. Whether it is the door of your entrance or bedroom, choose the bright colors and if you paint them harmoniously with the paint of the rooms.

4. Colour the side of the drawers: The drawers in your kid’s room naturally looks dull when they are filled up with clothes and important documents. Add the texture into them by using colours. Choose any color that looks bright and suits the wall colour of the room.

5. Make the candle more attractive: a simple candlestick holder is quite boring in your household. So let’s make it look creative and fresh. Add a can under a single candlestick holder. Put it into the jar and then bring out an old and less used vase. Place the entire setting into the vase. Your guests will be amazed to see your idea and creativity, and your house will be looking better.

Desert Continues To Lure Adventurers From All Over the World

The desert seems to keep a lot of secrets and people who prefer adventure are attracted in this lonely and far-away place. The vast expanse of sand that meets the horizon has become an attractive place to explore. The desert might be a desolate place, but for tourists paying for a desert Dubai holiday, there are endless entertainments and numerous exciting things to do. At night, the desert becomes alive with laughter, music, dancing, singing, drinking, and eating. Guests can choose a conventional meal or try the exotic dishes offered by the travel agency in charge of your trip.

Make Convenient Travel Arrangements

Travelling to another country to experience a desert safari may involve lots of preparations. If you come from a country outside of the Middle East, you need to apply for a visa for a trip to Dubai and the process can take several days to a few weeks. Booking a flight and making hotel reservations may be easy. But making arrangements for a trip to the desert on your own can be challenging because safaris are taken by groups. So if you are really aiming for the safari in taking the trip, it is recommended that you contact a reliable travel agency to make the arrangements for you. This way, you are sure that your trip will be a great success.

Advantages of Soliciting the Help of Travel Agencies

By making your travel arrangements with a travel agency, you will enjoy a well-planned and convenient desert safari. Aside from helping you prepare your documents for the trip, the package includes a vehicle to pick up you from any location in Dubai to take you to the safari site. Also covered are accommodation, food, and access to entertainments especially prepared for the guests? Visitors will get to watch belly dancing, listen to music played by natives of the desert, and enjoy sand boarding and desert bashing. Arabic costume is offered for free for picture taking sessions. Those who like to have a tattoo can have it for free as well. After the safari, you will be transported back to where you are staying.

Booking Arrangements

Most travel agencies accept booking through their website. Payment can be done online. Arrangements are done by the agency so you can personally prepare for the trip. For safaris tourists are expected to dress according to the season. Safety is a priority so all vehicles used for the trip is kept in top condition. They are insured to protect the travelling guests. The booking fee is good for one person only and a cancellation is allowed but with some penalties. Book for a safari now and get that once-in-a lifetime experience.

5 Tips When Investing On Property Abroad

If you are affluent enough to buy property abroad and you would like to invest in a good piece of land. You should focus on property in an influential, residential complex. Property values abroad can change depending on the country tax and income rates but there might be certain benefits and disadvantages of buying property abroad. However, the benefits can outweigh the costs in the short term. Here are some tips on buying property abroad:

Focus on low cost

Most expatriates rent out property while they travel abroad, some consider buying property. The low property values in one location can result in other expats buying in other countries. Nevertheless, you should think long and hard before buying properties in certain countries and you should gain advice on properties abroad, as well as a thorough understanding of what kind of hurdles you might encounter.

Seek legal counsel

You should focus on professional solicitor advice. You should understand the value of having people who speak the local and foreign language. You must find a solicitor who can get the property consent, licensing requirements, property title of owner, owner‘s registration documents and other legal documents. Think of your friends who have bought properties in the particular country you are looking into and whether they could recommend someone who would have your interest at heart.

Use professional real estate vaulters

You must understand that the chances of getting scammed in a foreign country is much greater as you do not understand their language and market so refrain from unsolicited services of unprofessional real estate centers and only purchase from reputable agencies. You can also ensure stability with an individual property valuation. There are certain establishments like the greens Dubai that has good value for money apartments. However remember if you aren’t fluent in the country’s language you should get the documents professionally translated so that you know you are not being cheated on.

Look into trends

You must decide on a location first before you pick an apartment or house. Take a closer inspection at the local estates and their development plans. Understand that the property prices have changed in contrast to what expert vaulters have predicted. Furthermore, contrast prices with the local incomes or local rent to understand how property value changes and are some areas under or overvalued.

Understand the reasons for your purchase

Focus on your reasons at hand does the market trends change. The changes in market trends are important if you plan on renting and reselling. If you are planning on settling down in a well-known complex in a foreign country like the greens Dubai then there is less to worry about and more about how low prices are now as it is a great investment for you and your family.

Keep in mind, do not get rushed into decisions of what others are doing, do what you want to and stay smart about your investments.

What Can Make Your Property To Look Best While Selling It Out?

If you are selling your property, then you need to keep several things in mind. To find out the current value of your property is one of the most important jobs that you are supposed to do. But, there are ample of other aspects that you need to perform. One of such aspects is the presentation. Yes, present your property in such an attractive way to the buyer that no one can say no.

A good property is just not enough to sale. In fact; one has to add some additional points to it to get good profit out of the Dubai property for sale. This will help in increasing the value of the property. But can you make it possible?

When you put your property for sale, you need to look it the way as you are the buyer. Then you will realize where the property lacks. You will definitely find out plenty of issues with the property that can depreciate its value. If you want to know, then here are some points, check them out:

• Clean your property and throw the rubbish away. It is one of the critical elements in making your property look more valuable. Also, it is an easy job to get done.

• Landscaping is another point to focus on. It is not about reconstruction, but a tidy exterior like a maintained garden compliments the house. Even if you have only a lawn, then keep it clean and cut the excess grass. This will be all.

• Painting is another good option. If you think it is wastage of money, then at least washing the exterior walls and fences. It will also give a new and fresh look to the house.

• Keep a check of plumbing and some general hardware in the house like doors, windows, fans, cupboards and if possible, then also screens. If anything is not working properly then do the repairs as soon as possible. The will not cost you much but unrepaired hardware can depreciate the property value a lot.

• While putting your property for selling, make sure you have maintained it properly so far. Remove clutter from inside. Don’t keep anything which is useless and try to keep the house as clean as possible. Link here http://www.banke.ae/residential/area-guides/business-bay/ to gain ideas about the place that is designed to encourage an active and lively community with its sustainable design.

These are the several things which are required to be taken care of. The above mentioned points are not so expensive and can be easily afforded. But if you perform these tasks, then you can increase your property value.

How To Drive More Traffic To Your New Retail Store

The main objective of any business establishment is to increase its profits. In order to achieve this, it’s important to increase the daily footfall the business gets. This is a very critical goal for new retail stores to accomplish, and thus should be made a priority from the very start. Here are a few steps you can follow to maximize footfall to your newly opened store.


People are only going to come into your shop if it is inviting. What better way to extend an invitation than a great sign. Shop signs are highly influential when people decide between walking into the shop and just walking past it. A sign which is both attractive and a little intriguing is bound to compel anyone to come inside. Depending on your target clientele, you could decide on the colours and fonts you use. For instance, if it’s a toy shop, a lot of bubble-gum colours might be just what you need. In contrast, if it’s a high end furniture store, clean sharp colours may make more of an impact.

Promotional material

It may seem a little silly to ask an employee to put on a mascot suit and dance on the street to attract people into your shop – but sometimes this may actually be very effective. As long as the mascot is not too pushy and annoying, it may encourage people to check the store out. In addition, you could even have posters depicting your store sign along the streets, so that people see it at a higher frequency even amidst the clutter of the other shop signs.

Store window

This also greatly depends on the kind of audience you are hoping to attract. If it’s an older crowd, displaying less can actually be more effective. Ensure that the few items you choose to display on your window, collectively succeeds to represent everything your brand stands for. If it’s a much younger audience, showcasing a comparatively large number of products may attract them. However, think about the space that is available and use it wisely. Recommended reading this site to gain knowledge about other effective ways to advertise your business that is affordable and offers a great return on the investment.


Word-of-mouth is another great way to further promote your new store. One thing to remember – people will only talk about your store, if you give them an experience that is worth talking about. It’s not enough to have high quality products if they are only available at the same price as what your competition offers. Be generous enough to give at least small discounts or special deals during the first few weeks of business. Once your clients fall in love with what you sell, they will continue to buy it, regardless of the price.

Ideas To Add Value To Your Commercial Property

Your property can be used to create a new business of your choice or you can rent it to tenants who are interested in relocating their business. If you want to make the business more appealing and increase its value, you can do several modifications. Here are some tips which would help you do necessary changes and then increase the lease and value of the property.

Make appropriate changes

You can reorganize the structure of the building and do relevant changes. These changes can be that of the number of office rooms, the parking lot, storage, conference rooms, etc. Look into the quality of these areas and try to improve them. Consult an expert in the field and get to know the improvements you can do. You can give a name for your property and create more awareness. When you name the property, it will automatically attract attention and a position in the market. When you repair the interior and ceilings, you can use aluminium composite cladding which will give a refreshing look to the building itself. Rather than looking for what is not there, you can simply take steps to improve what you already have. Put a signage in front of the property and change the signage whenever there is an update on the value of the property.

Increase security and parking

You can strengthen the security facilities by adding alarm system, gates and shutters. These features will increase the value of your property. Make sure that you focus on safety precautions such as fire alarms, and an evacuation gathering point. When building the parking area, you can ask the constructors to get hold of aluminium composite cladding in order to give more protection to the vehicles. These features will obviously make the tenants realize that your property is of high value.

Improve the neighbourhood

There is no use if your business premises are more technologically advanced than the rest of your competitors if you still have it located in an unattractive and unhealthy neighbourhood. You can lift up the position of your neighbourhood by cleaning litter, proper garbage disposal, planting trees and reporting if there is any menace in the streets. Make friends with the neighbourhood so that you can make them aware of your property and ask their help to improve the neighbourhood. When you get to know the area, you will find competitors and accordingly make plans to increase commercial value of the business.

Go through these ideas and crate a business plan that would allow you to raise the rent and increase the value of your property.

How To Set Up A Freezone Company?

For many decades, Dubai is being the most preferred and top destination for new business to flourish and achieve lucrative profits. One of the emirates of UAE, Dubai welcomes investors from both native and international companies to set up new business. When global recession has affected the worlds financial and business environment, Dubai has continued to be a preferred location of worldwide investors with tax free policy and other diversities.

Advantages of starting a business in Dubai

• It is the low-tax system that attracts more and more business owners or entrepreneurs towards setting up a business in Dubai.

• Locally based as well as international companies can thrive in finance, media, hospitality and construction.

• Being one of the fast growing cities in the world, Dubai offers a wide range of opportunities to aspiring people.

• Prerequisites for starting a business will depend on the type of business you want to start. Regardless of your business type, you will enjoy benefits of starting business in Dubai that is far beyond the liberal setting that the city offers.

How to set up a business in Dubai?

International companies are offered different alternatives regarding setting up their chain of business in Dubai. LLC (Limited Liability Company) is authorized to allow an international company to become an integrated shareholder in UAE. All you need to do is to find a local sponsor who has 51% of the total shares of the company.

If you able to arrange a sponsor, then you have to pay AED300, 000.00 upfront in cash or as initial share capital to LLC in Dubai. There are many other legal obligations and regulations to accomplish to set up a business in Dubai. If you are new to the city and don’t know legal regulations about setting up a business, then you can take advantage of business formation agencies.

As the name indicates, they are organizations that provide you guidelines and complete all legal regulations of setting up a business in Dubai on your behalf. They help you set up a business in Dubai through free zones. Freezone company setup allows you for full ownership of your business, which can be international or locally based.

Setting up a freezone company means being the single shareholder and director of the firm. This type of business setup does not need a local sponsor and you can start freezone set up in Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai electronic, technology, media zone, commerce, and more.

These areas are excluded from tax system and once set up, you can sponsor or supply work permits, arrange licenses with respective free zone authorities. Presently, there are more than 10000 freezone companies that enjoy no limitations in salary, profits, transfer of capital and repatriation.

Have A Healthy And Tasty Lunch

When it’s the time for lunch, your mind and tummy both are ready for the delicious food. Every day the same recipe does not make sense or appeal to you and of course not to the kids. If you have the little ones at your place, you will get perplexed with the invention of new recipes. Don’t get perplexed anymore. We are here to help you with the best recipes for the delicious lunch.

These lunch recipes will not need too much time, ingredients or energy. They are healthy, tasty and low in calorie. So fulfill your tummy with healthy and delicious food items. Moreover they are innovative at the same time.

Here are four low calorie lunch recipes for you. Have a look.

• Herb hummus, white beans and crudités: You are cooked up inventing new recipes for hummus. Here is just a five minute recipe with hummus in your kitchen. The ingredients like lemon, olive oil, white beans and chives. Add the green vegetables like broccoli, green peas and parsley leaves. Slice all the veggies in the same sizes and let them be sautéed with healthy olive oil. Now add the white beans and cook for ten minutes. This is a wholesome food for your lunch.

• Fruity but chocolaty bananas: Don’t your kids like bananas? Then make this dish with chocolate, banana and honey. Make the chocolate muffins with flour, sugar and cocoa and bake them in two hundred and fifty degree temperature for twenty minutes. Top them with sliced banana and honey. You can prepare it as low fat dessert too. For a better taste you can sprinkle dark chocolates after grating them. Not just the kids, this is ideal for adults too.

• Sandwich and omelet with vegetables: This will need only fifteen minutes to be cooked. A sandwich of brown bread will be free from fats and will fill your stomach soon. For the omelet, you will need two whole eggs, broccoli, spring onions, salt and olive oil. Four breads, carrots, beans, peanut butter and mayonnaise are needed for the sandwich. Try this sandwich and omelet with veggies – you will get complete protein from egg and a wholesome nutritious dish. And more importantly, you will have no food craving anymore.

• Fruity butter toast: Take the brown bread or whole grain rye bread slices. After toasting them add almond butter on the surfaces. Fruits like banana, pineapple, grapes and also nuts – just chop them finely and add on the surface of the breads.

Make Your Trip To Dubai A Memorable One

When it comes to appealing and interesting vacation spots one of the places that one must visit is none other than our very favorite Dubai. This is breathtaking city and there is so much to discover and love about it each time you visit this place.

When you are in Dubai there is one thing that you simply cannot miss and it is the dhow cruise experience. Even though it is true that you will be able to experience it in other parts of the globe too however if you have not experienced the one in Dubai your knowledge regarding sailing will never be complete.

If you wish to enjoy an exquisite one, then this dhow cruise in Dubai is the one to go for. This is regarded as one of the most sought after activities when anyone visits Dubai and makes it a point of never letting this experience go. You can also go ahead and cruise in a creek at any time of the day and well, make it more quixotic by enjoying it at nigh time.

Just in case you wish to know about cruise of dhow we have all the details well presented for you:

If you are still wondering what a dhow actually is then it is basically a sailing vessels that is made from wood and it was first sourced from the Middle Eastern region this is why the experience that you will feel in Dubai is simply interesting and outstanding. They are also available in different shapes and the ones that were used during the early times were only made of shells, however now they are built in the most splendid way.

You can also enjoy a serene and romantic dinner cruise in one of these dhows and they are getting extremely popular these days. Make sure when you are there you do not miss the chance of enjoying dinner in one of these impressively grand creations.

If you wish to see Dubai then you must not miss the dinner experience in one of the dhows. Simply through the creeks you will be able to catch the most spectacular view of the city and imagine sailing smoothly under the moonlit sky. Nothing would be as dreamy and spectacular as one of these enthralling dinner cruise trips.

As one of the chief attractions o Dubai you will also cm across many of them that are made from wood sail slickly past the creek and they help to provide tourists an incredible view of Dubai in its precedent as well as the current day architecture. There are so many spots and landmarks that you can see however one place that you should not miss is the Sheikh Zayeds house as you will get to experience exotic buffet dinner alongside Arabian music together with an aromatic coffee.

Everything You Need To Know About Air-Conditioning

Though we all love and enjoy summer time, it can become pretty hateful due to the heat. Our only chance of survival is under the mercy of an air conditioner. But many fail to understand what it is and how it works. This lack of knowledge can lead to damage. But worry not; here are some points that can help you out.

How It Works

Its basic job is to reduce the temperature inside your house by moving it to the outside. They pull the hot air out by blowing the cold air in thereby reducing the temperature. The process is very similar to the way water evaporates from our skin. But it involves the functions of more complicated electronic gadgets such as the condenser and compressor. These are parts of the air conditioning which are imperative in cooling the atmosphere.

How it is Damaged

Due to its complexity, the air conditioner needs to rely on a variety of conditions to operate properly. Sometimes, the air conditioner can leak out or reduce its working capacity automatically. This happens if the heat capacity within the house exceeds the limit due to increased number of people or appliances. Thus, it is important to follow the guideline given to you regarding air conditioning maintenance.

How to Maintain it

There is no need to call for professional repairers, if it is a simple error in the system. The general maintenance technique is to keep changing the filters – which are essential in keep the system clean. At the start of each cooling session, you can brush the dust and dirt from the coils. It can also be due to airflow problems or refrigerator charge. In this case, it is better to call someone who has knowledge and experience in air-conditioning maintenance.

How to Lighten the Load

By reducing the amount of work it has to do, you will enable your air conditioner to work better. This can be achieved by reducing the internally generated loads the machine has to deal with. Switch off unwanted electric appliances and use machines that release excess heat such as washing machines during cooler hours of the day. You can also use fans that require low electricity levels to remove the humidity.

Thus, you can maintain your air conditioner on your own by following the simple task of reducing energy levels at your home and cleaning the system once in a while. This ensures that you will not need to waste money on a air conditioner repair man regularly.

Making Renovations At Your House

Houses always don’t last the same way. They too tend to decay over time, and hence should be looked after well. The walls tend to lose their colour through the ages, and sometimes cracks too appear on walls. It is always better to look after your house on a daily basis, like sweeping it and dusting it when you can. Renovations should be done on the house depending on the amount of money that you can afford to spend, and the amount of work that should be done at the house. It will not always look like how it was right when it was built, but you can definitely prevent it from looking like a very much worn out ghost house. Link here http://amsslights.com/product-category/garden-lights/ for more information about installing a garden light that will transform the space into a welcoming one.

When renovating a house, the main thing that you should do is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Some of you might decide to go with the same colour as before, but some of you will choose a totally different colour. Choosing a different colour is good since it brings change to the house without actually changing what is it, just how it looks like. The new coat of paint should compliment the other parts of the house too. If you are finding it difficult to do it on your own, hire the services of an interior designer.

The other thing that should be fixed during renovations are the lighting. There are some that are always broken, or ones that flicker endlessly, and some that you can’t get to turn on without automatically overloading the whole electricity system inside the house. Get all the circuits fixed at the same time. Pay particular attention to outdoor lights since they are always neglected the most. When renovating the outdoor lights, keep in mind to use lights that are brighter.

Furniture is another thing that you need to pay attention to when renovating a house. Some may be too old, or maybe some are just taking up useful space. You always have that one chair that is older than you, and the other chair that no one decides to sit on. Be brutal when cutting down the excess furniture, and at the end hold a garage sale to sell off all extras. When choosing new furniture, be mindful of the new colour of the walls, if they have been painted a different colour.

Cracks on the walls too should be looked in to. They can be dangerous if unattended. So next time you renovate your house, make sure to get them fixed.

Renovating houses are a costly affair, but it’s something that you would term a ‘necessary evil’. You need your house to look good, so you definitely will have to clean it once in a while, and also to make the needed renovations to make it look as good as it was.

Ideas For A Weekend Getaway

After the hectic hours at work, all you want is to have the best out of the weekend. If you take the maximum benefit out of the weekend, you will be able to relax both your body and soul. Here are some of the finest ideas for you to try this weekend.

Visit friends

With busy schedules and work load, very rarely do we find time to meet friends and catch up with the lost times. It is never too late to call old friends and arrange a small gathering. Ask your friends for ideas – you can have a barbecue party or go to a lake house, find a rent boat in Dubai and enjoy a good view and a good swim. Your weekend will be filled with happiness and laughter.


Sitting in an office, all the travelling you get to do could be from your house to the work place. It is the time to break away from this monotonous routine and do some real travelling. Go on a road trip, travel to a city you have never visited, go to the beach and enjoy the whisperings of the waves, or get a rent boat and explore a little more. Add a little sparkle to your life by converting your weekend in to a life changing moment. Not only will you gain good memories, but it will give you the opportunity to perceive the knowledge of different cultures and cities.

Volunteer work

Volunteering for a charity will allow you to gain an experience which would last long. Not only do you help a good cause, but you can also meet new people, interact with them and create new bonds. A charity event in the neighbourhood allows you to get to know the people around you and would certainly help you to have friends with big hearts. Volunteering is a rich experience that shapes you into a better person. Find out the charity events to be held during the weekend and give a helping hand.


Yes, cooking a meal could be something that you want to try. Rather than eating delivery pizza and sitting in front of the TV, cooking could be a good option to chase away the boredom. You can try a new dish, do some experimenting and whether it turns out to be good or bad, you will still be happy with all the fun you had. Here is a tip: invite your best friend to join your cooking expedition and a lot more fun will be guaranteed.

You don’t have to stick the above tips; depending on your personal preferences, you can opt for something to suit your taste like catching a fish, but engaging in something unique can help keep a mundane routine interesting.